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Our Little Story: Go Your Curious Ways

*Be Safe* Please do not leave baby or child unattended while wearing a bonnet. Do not allow your child to sleep while wearing a bonnet. Do not double knot ties, especially if child will be playing unattended. Let's keep our babies safe and adorable.

The Brass Bees

My name is Shannon, a mama, maker, writer and wife. When my daughter was a baby, I struggled to find a cute, cotton hat that worked for baby wearing and kept the sun off of the baby, so I made the first Suni bonnet. Three years later, she is still wearing bonnets and asking for uppies. Ever since then, we've been making bonnets and pixie hats and princess crowns for the special little people in my life. Now, I'm ready to share our celebration of fabric with other littles all over the country. Each hat is made with love, humility, joy and laughter at my kitchen table. Please enjoy our offerings and, if there's something special you'd like, contact me and we can make it happen!

Mama Shannon